MedX Cervical Rehab Machine

Do you suffer from neck pain? Our Medx Cervical Extension Machine can help. With this machine, we can test your isometric cervical (neck) extension strength and help you increase your strength by having you perform dynamic variable resistance training in a safe and controlled environment.

We found that the MedX Cervical Rehab Machine is a proven solution for:

  • Chronic Neck Pain & Headache Suffers
  • Neck Strain due to Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Workers who frequently use a forward head position such as dentists, mechanics, computer workers and athletes (football, wrestling, soccer, cycling)

MedX Cervical Rehab Machine Features

  • Highly reliable for cervical extension strength testing and dynamic variable resistance training
  • Isometric testing can be performed every 3° through the normal 126° range of motion
  • Safety features include dual weight stacks with a stroke length of only 1.5 in. during a full-range dynamic contraction

How does it work?

The patented restraints secure your shoulders and torso to achieve optimal isolation of neck flexion and extension movement. Your range of motion is then measured carefully within a pain-free arc. Neck strength testing is accomplished by pushing your head back against the resistance of the machine. The MedX software plots a strength curve so that we can compare your strength and range of motion to age, weight and gender-matched norms and track your progress with each visit. As you progress, your range of motion and neck strength improve.

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